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ICT with Year 5/6 incorporating the Australian Curriculum

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The three key things we look at integrating into planning our teaching and learning activities are Creating, Communicating, and Investigating using ICT.

Step 1:

Start with an open-ended guiding question, Eg. Why can you smell a bar-be-que from across the park?, or What causes a Tsunami?

Step 2: Investigate

Use a variety of teacher tools and student tools to develop the skills of investigating, ie Define, Locate, Access, Plan, Select and Evaluate Data.


Instagrok is a new way of organising and accessing information.Encourage students to refine their searching using the ‘arms’.

Effective Google Searches:   Louise Cimetta has made a series of videos on how to search effectively.

Refining a Web Search

Refining an Image Search

Refining a Video Search

Refining a Book Search

Refining an App Search

Step 3:  Communicate

Wikis provide the perfect communication (and collaboration) tool.
My favourite is Wikispaces
Use wikis to organise work, display work, collaborate and contribute ideas and share with others.
Posterous is another way to share information in an online space.  Join up and create your space.

Step 4 :  Create

Online Tools

GlogsterEdu is a fabulous way for students to showcase their learning in an interactive poster.  Make sure you sign up as a school.
Prezi is an online presentation tool.  It allows collaboration and creation within the one tool.


Keynote ($10.49) is a simple way for students to collate and present information.

iMovie ($5.49)  allows students to put together images, video and audio into one movie file.

Creative Book Builder ($4.49) allows students to make a multimodal text that will read in iBooks.