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iPads and Students with Special Needs

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iPads are the most amazing tools.  The level of adaptability and complexity that can created with a simple, easy to use device is astounding.  It is really only limited by your imagination and those of teachers and educators working with classes and individuals.

When considering how to use iPads with students with special needs there are four main things to consider.


1.  The accessibility functions built into the device.

IPads have a number of features built into  the device that allow great functions like voice over, speech, guided access, zoom and black/white picture.

Below is a video explaining guided access.  Guided access allows the iPad to be locked into one app and only released with a passcode.  This is a fabulous feature when working with students who are easy distracted or have poor motor control and keep accidentally exiting the app.


2.  The wide variety of apps in the app store.

Currently there are over 1 million apps in the app store and approximately 10% of those are targeted at the education sector with another 20 000 targeted at the medical market.

Apps like Prologue toGo are invaluable for assisting students to communicate their needs.


3.  Accessories

Third party providers are constantly responding to the needs of the market.  A huge range of cases, wheelchair mounts, stylus, keyboards and other accessories are released onto the market every year.

The site has a huge range with labelled links and pictures:





4.  Online support

There are many websites that provide a huge range of app lists with many coded to individual needs.


One of the best is Spectronics.


They provide online tools, videos, apps reviews and also come out to schools and conferences to provide Professional Development to extend people’s use of the devices.


Other great sites include:

Moms with Apps



Apps for children with special needs




Below is my presentation