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Science is a learning area that many teachers find difficult and often avoid.  ICT can provide the much needed bridge for teachers to enable the content required and the motivation needed from students to create meaningful activities that work and engage all students.

Many Australian Primary schools use a program produced by the Australian Academy of Science called Primary Connections.

PrimaryConnections 5Es teaching and learning model

The PrimaryConnections 5Es teaching and learning model is based on the theory that students learn best when they are allowed to work out explanations for themselves over time through a variety of learning experiences structured by the teacher. Students use their prior knowledge to make sense of these experiences and then make connections between new information and their prior knowledge. To help students make the connections between what they already know and new information, each PrimaryConnections unit uses five phases of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

ICT can be incorporated into each of these areas in many different ways

Link to WIKI for Science Ideas

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