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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning is the future of computing…

“God meant us to be wireless. The last cord we were connected to was cut at birth.”
Frank Sanda, Motorola

Utilizing mobile learning allows at ‘point of need’ and ‘just in time’ learning to be the focus of a lesson rather than predetermined points defined by the teacher.  The focus shifts from a teacher centred environment to a student centred environment with the teacher as guide and mentor.

Hands down personal favourite tools are the iPod touch and the iPad

The advent of the iPod touch and the iPad have started great changes in the way people view and approach mobile devices in education.

Here are some of the most useful sites I have found for details and information about the use of mobile learning tools.

Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand site is fantastic for apps, details of management and practical details.

WordPress site about iPod Touch in Schools.

Denise Plain is using iPods in her school and details many links to a range of pages of details.

Jenny Ashby is trying out lots of differnet apps and uses for the ipods and ipads.  Follow her blog and find out more.

This is a copy of the presentation from the 2010 Leading a Digital school.

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