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iPad for work and play

I received my iPad on the very first day they were available in Australia.  I fell in love with the beautify exterior immediately and now cannot imagine my life without my iPad. It has become an indispensable part of my work and home life

My essential Apps


Good Reader is the essential app for productivity.  It allows you to open up any mail attachment, open PDFs from the web, download directly from your google docs, mobileme, dropbox or other webdav service.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote for ipad.  Beautiful reworked applications perfectly suited for the ipad. They take full advantage of the touch interface.

Kindle for iPad – until iBooks sorts out the publishers in Australia this is my ereader of choice.  Fantastic range of titles and if you check regularly you can pick up 1/2 price bargains and even some free books.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and access apps are essential in a device without a USB.  Once you master these you will wonder why you bothered with a USB.  I toggle between  Idisk and  Drop Box and use I Evernote as my professional reading storage.

Document Creation

Sometimes I need to create simple documents on the fly and edit and email them instantly, usually after a meeting.  I find Office2 HD the simplest to use, however it only allows the creation of documents and spreadsheets but it saves automatically as a .doc or a .xls.

Another couple to have a look at are Quick Office and the latest edition of Documents to Go Premium that allows the creation and editing of word, excel and powerpoint documents.

Notebook Apps

The iPad comes with the notes app but it is limited so I have a few that I use for a variety of purposes.

Whitenote – Type, write and PDF export

Daily Notes – journal, pasword protected

Sound paper – record sound and write or type notes

Write Pad – Fabulous handwriting recognition with text conversion

Mind Mapping Apps

Mind Node – this is just like the free one available for the Mac.  Easy and simple to use but limited to words

iThoughts HD – VGA out so great for use on an IWB.

Adobe Ideas – more complex – would be very useful for secondary students or for adults to create more complex mind maps.

Instaviz – simple mindmapping – draw a shape and it makes it into a neat shape ready for entering text.

Photo editing and Manipulation

Colour Splash – create a black and white photo from a colour photo and then you can ‘colour’ in certain sections to create great visual effects.

Photogene – fully fledged photo editing complete with  filters, cropping, red eye, frames, captions and much more.

Card Shop – create simple postcards to send as ecards.

PhotoPad – photo editing with the added advantage of creating Zagg skins for devices.

Creation Apps – Drawing and sketching

Chalk draw simple drawing app that looks like you are drawing on a chalk board

Doodle Buddy – Collaborative drawing app that works within a wireless network

Type Draw – use an existing photo and create sentences/phrases to draw and annotate the photo.  Really effective.

Brushes – digital drawing package.  Can be freehand or add onto photos

Sketchbook Pro – Vector based drawing app.

Whiteboard – VGA out and collaborative tool.

Education Apps beyond click and drag

Animation HD – simple animation that allows users to create picture stories easily.  New frames show grey areas of previous frames.

Story Pages HD – create your own story book.  Draw or add photos and then text.

Strip Designer – similar to comic life.  Create comic strips using photos and speech bubbles.

Book Report – guided format to produce a book report.

Story Patch – scaffolding story creator can be used by ECE through to upper primary.

Reel Director – movie editing

iPad Apps for Work

Document Creation Books General productivity
Office 2 HD

Quick Office




Documents to GoPremium

Docs Anywhere



Marvel Comics



Free Books

Good Reader

iAnnotate PDF




Jumbo Calculator

Xpense Tracker

Travel Log

Cloud Access Mind Mapping Remote access

Drop Box


MindNodeiThoughts HD

Adobe ideas




Web Browsers Notebook apps Tasks
2 screens


Twin Browser



SoundNote (formerly


Daily Notes

Informant HD

Task Task


iPad Apps for Play

Photography Drawing Media
Colour Splash





Chalk Draw


Doodle Buddie

Type drawing

Sketch Book Pro

Air Video

Mobile Mouse

Music Just for Fun
Smule Piano

Air guitar

Jam Pad



Talking Tom

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