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Digital Content tools in the Classroom

Digital Content in the Classroom
What is digital content?

a teacher and two students working at a computer Digital media represent information through text, sound, and images, but the similarities to traditional media end there. Digital media separate the content from the display, enabling the display to be flexible and to vary according to student needs and interests. This flexibility is inherent in the way digital content is stored and transmitted.

How can I find digital content?

text of http:// As the Internet has grown, so have the number of sites that offer free and public domain materials for use in non-commercial settings. Each of the topics below links to annotated lists of sites that offer free or low cost content. Specific directions for downloading each type of content is also provided.

How can I create my own digital media?

a book being digitally scanned The increase in the availablility of digital hardware—cameras, scanners, CD and DVD players—has resulted in a decrease in their cost. Much software once used by only by professionals is now offered in scaled-down affordable versions for the home and school market. Each of the topics below links to a page with ideas, directions, and software resources that will help you and your students create content for your classroom.

What software tools do I need to make digital content useful in class?

software in a toolbox There are many outstanding software programs available to support the classroom use of digital media. The list we provide is not comprehensive; it includes only a small portion of the software that is available for creating and editing digital media. The Resources page of this toolkit lists many software tools.

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