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Mind Mapping Tools

Mind mapping toolsThis is a featured page

Follow the links for the various online mind mapping tools.

Bubbles – a simple mind mapping tool This tool is easy enough for ECE children to master in a few minutes

Gliffy – a more sophisicated mind mapping tool. This is a mind mapping tool that requires you to sign up. Use your cathednet address and then you will be able to click on the link to receive more benefits. This tool can integrate pictures as well as text

Mindomo – another simple online mind mapping tool Requires a sign in as well. Simple and very easy to use.

FreeMind: simple to use but allows more flexibility as it can be downloaded onto hard drive rather than online. Free and Mac/PC

Mindnode: Mac software. Free and simple download.

My Webspiration: free version of the very successful mind mapping software. Requires a signup but it is free.

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