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Mental Maths

Woodlands Maths Games:  a series of games to develop a number of maths skills including mental maths games

BBC skill wise games: games that are suitable for ECE.  UK based

Crickweb:  fun mental maths.  you can choose the levels

Top Marks: arranged by year levels and games in Maths and English

Make your own interactive game: create your own or get the children to create a game.

Teaching and Learning resources website: huge set of links to various sites. Written in the UK.

Count us in:  interactive games aimed at ECE

Virtual Manipulatives

Concrete materials are commonly accepted as a necessary part of any teaching learning program in numeracy.

The National Library of Virtual Manipulative contains hundred (if not thousands) of links to various virtual manipulatives that fabulous for numeracy time, individual or IWB activities.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:  Click for link

Other useful links

Coins: Australian Coin Virtual Manipulatives

Pattern Blocks: mathplayground

Attribute Blocks: nlvm

Multilinks: eduplace

Tangrams: Link 1, Crickweb

Five Frame:  illuminations

Ten Frame:  illuminations

Geoboard:  mathplayground

Patterns : standards

Clock :nlvm

Directions nlvm1, nlvm2

Visual Problem Solving illuminations

Base Ten:1.  arcytech.    2. nlvm

Hundreds Boards 1. primarygames 2. .pixelpump.  3.crickweb.

Cuisinière Rods mathplayground

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages 1. nlvm. 2. mathplayground, 3.mathplayground  4.shodor,

Adding Integers: nlvm

Number Line Bounce: nlvm.

Measuring Angles amblesideprimary

Surface area: nlvm.

Function Machine: mathplayground

Data 1. mathplayground 2..shodor.  3. nlvm

Chance 1.mathplayground 2. AdjustableSpinner

Area & Perimeter mathplayground

Pentominoes nlvm

Tessellations shodor.

Scales crickweb

Number Line .crickweb

Some more links courtsey of Peter Nolan

Basic Facts and Mental Computation

Number Properties

Early Childhood Number Skills

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