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Learning Areas

Each learnng area has unique and interesting ways to incorporate ICT.

When planning always try to aim for a developemnt and progression of High Order Thinking Skills

High Order Thinking Skills are those skills that require students to use a wider range of processes and research indicates that learning how to apply these skills will result in greater academic achievement.

Generally the High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) are based on Blooms Taxonomy.
Simple Bloom’s Taxonomy Examples This site gives some really simple verbs for each of the thinking skills. They are general and not specific to digital learning.

Blooms Taxonomy has been slightly revised and edited to take into account the changes in emphasis of the 21st Century teaching and learning cycles.

Blloms digital taxonomy

Blooms Digital Taxonomy this site explores in depth the links between standard Bloom’s and the adaptations to create a Digital Taxonomy.

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