australian curriculum

ICT with Year 1/2 incorporating the Australian Curriculum

Students, can operate ICT effectively and teachers can start to use various tools with the students.  Most activities will need teacher guidance and support but many can be completed independently.

The three key things we look at integrating into planning our teaching and learning activities are Creating, Communicating, and Investigating using ICT.

Step 1:

Start with an open-ended guiding question, Eg. Where did the Dinosaurs go?

Step 2: Investigate  – Locate Information

Use a variety of teacher tools and student tools to develop the skills of investigating, ie Define, Locate, Access, Plan, Select and Evaluate Data.

QR readers/Creators

Download a QR reader for your ipad/ipod.  Simple one for ipad/ipod is QR Reader (free).

Create QR codes, print them out, and attach them to various objects around the room/school.  The students will scan the code and use these to find out more information. Where possible link these to videos or pictures.

The simplest online QR code creator is here.

(N.B. Scanning QR codes requires an active internet connection)

Alternative Web Browsers

Not all web broswers are kid friendly.  Google is fabulous but try using one that allows students to type in a question and receive an answer, rather than just a list of websites.

Best one is (formally Ask Jeeves)


Another really simple interface is DuckDuckGo


Step 3:  Communicate

Ways to communicate orally – Online

Use Vocaroo (example recording)

Audio recording and upload >>

Orally – Via iPad

Use a voice recoding app like QuickVoice Recorder (free)

Students can record and share directly from the app.

Email – One of the direct links in the Australian Curriculum is for students to be able to use email as one form of communication.

Step 4:  Create

 Create with the iPad/iPod

   SonicPics ($2.99)

Take photos, swipe and record audio to match each photo, export as a movie.

Scribble Press (Free)

Create an epub book, students draw images and type matching text

‘Create’ Online possibilities


Kerpoof is an online creation tool that allows students to draw, add text, make multimodal texts and much more.





Story Jumper is an online place to create, share and edit books.



‘Create’ on a PC/Mac


Tux Paint (free)


Draw, stamp and add text to demonstrate understanding.

Use Powerpoint and Word, as well as any of the other drawing, audio and video tools available on your device.