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Social Media Parent Evening

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Later this week I have the pleasure of working with a group of parents in a regional centre.  This workshop is focussed around social media, the internet and all the questions that arise from these things including how to develop a positive digital footprint.


As part of my research I found a few fabulous sites I would like to share.


Parents find the navigation and privacy of Facebook quite complex.  Facebook has a number of how to guides on its website including a great info graphic about what happens when you report a site or a person.

Facebook Reporting info graphic













Social Media Discussion

As the title of the site says, this is a Common Sense approach to social media and discussions about your child’s digital reputation.  The language is simple and easy to use to explain to parents.

Common Sense Media

Twitter Infographics

In my web wanderings I have found this fantastic set of info graphics centred around Twitter.  Excellent to use to explain the wide reaching impact this form of social media has made into our world.

Infographics Link


My Presentation