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Making the Web Work for You

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Making the Web work for you is all about working smarter, not harder.

The web contains so many interesting things it is difficult to work out what you need and what is useless information.


Two types of services will assit you to make the web your friend rather than the big timewaster in the room.


1.  Cloud services

2.  Content Curation


Cloud Services

Learning how to use the right cloud services will minimise lost or duplicated files.

I recommend Evernote for note taking and basically orgainsing your life!  There are many apps, devices and third party programs that integrate with Evernote.  Sign up, start saving and give it a go.

I use Dropbox as my USB substitute.  Install it on all your machines and devices, use the same user name for each and all your data will be synced and safe.


Content Curation

Content Curation is the new buzzword in business and education.  But what does it mean?


To me it means I find stuff that I like, I organise it in some fashion and then share that information with other people.


My Favourite content curation tools are:

  • Pinterest
  • Flipboard on my iPad
  • AllTop on my desktop
  • Google reader
  • and Delicious for my bookmarks.

Amazing links for library people
Attached here is the PDF listing the apps:  50apps_il2012.pdf


Another great summary about the changing face of libraries
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Connecting and Collaborating with online spaces

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Moving into a 1-1 environment or even just trying to create an anywhere, anytime experience for the students can be difficult.  Understanding the different online spaces and how they can work, ways to use multiple forms for different purposes and how to create individual spaces is an important part of the transition to a connected world.

Some fabulous ways to connect online are:
I use wikispaces.  I find it the most reliable and most customisable of the free wiki creators.  Wikispaces has free educational tools for use by teachers.
Edublogs is my tool of choice.  Simple, easy and well structured.
Collaborative online spaces:
Edmodo:  Free and easy to set up classes, create tests, do a poll, and share docuemnts.  iPad friendly.
Schoolology:  Similar to Edmodo, new to the marketplace.
Online document creation:  Allows real time collaboration for a single document for multiple users.
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Thoughts on ICT integration

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After a great discussion with a colleague this morning we grappled with the idea of how do we get people to look  at integrating ICT through a stratetegic lens, rather than a reactive one.

This is an issue that I am finding more and more primary schools are finding difficult.  We are asking them to create strategic plans but without enough guidance, so they are picking the ‘stuff’ and then working our how to use it rather than picking the use and then finding the right tool for the job.